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” …All of this. All of this was for nothing – unless we go to the stars.” – Infection, Babylon 5, J. Michael Straczynski

firstPost an introduction


Im a freshman engineering student in Miami with wife and 2 yearold son.  Have a recently developed interest in politics mostly coming from a sort of what the hell is wrong with my country moment after we were attacked on 9/11 and in my opinion got a lot of how to deal with this issue and others like our aged energy policy, unbalanced economy and foriegn affairs wrong.  I felt I was serverly underinformed 8 years ago.  Its like nothing grabs your attention like a disaster, and thats, what I feel, has been our government’s response to 9/11 and the needs of our country since, a disaster.  So I’ve been paying a little more attention. I suppose if we had a competent president and government over the last 8 years I wouldve remained a halfignorant, uninformed citizen so I owe a debt of gratitute to Bush, thanks, for waking me up.  My interest in the world and our country also comes from having the responsibility of raising my boy.  He’s growing up fast and I want to give him the best chance at the world that I can and of course can’t do that without informing myself. 

So here I am:

In this blog I may occasionally update, ill mark down my opinion on current affairs and maybe something about my personal life with respect to my adventure in re-educating myself, my planned major is in electrical or mechanical engineering with a minor in aerospace engineering or a concentration in energy.   I live, work and study here in Miami, Florida, USofA on a little blue planet called Earth.



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