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” …All of this. All of this was for nothing – unless we go to the stars.” – Infection, Babylon 5, J. Michael Straczynski

Intolerance, fear and danger in America?

I plan on avoiding political rallies like the plague for the remaining days of the campaign, I hope this isn’t a sign of things to come in divided communities come election day when one side is disappointed.  Granted nobody was hurt, but the belief we will see violence on election day because of the belief that Obama is disqualified to lead is real down here.  At work im told, just because he has a populist measage that, once he gets into office he’ll be just like Castrol or Chavez.  Latin Americans have an honest fear of communism and socialism concedering that they’ve seen it happend in thier countries.  And they’re not convinced when I tell them it can’t happen here in America.  Its not possible here in America.

A co-worker told me he remembers a mob with baseball bats keeping some away from a site in 2000.

I hope the fear of danger as nate referenced it at 538 – does not keep people away from the polls on November 4th as it has convinced me to stay away from rallies.  It’s ashame that a politician in our nation has to wind up fear to gin up votes, in todays world we shouldn’t have to dip into the past, the cost of demonizing those we disagree with is as high as history tells us.  If nothing I fear happends on ellection night my faith in America will be renewed.  If violence infects my city an arguement for America’s exceptionalism in the future will fall on deaf ears.


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