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5 days to go & people are voting

marc Ambinder has a piece about early voting here :

And 538’s Nate Silver was a little late lastnight with the numbers, where it appears nationally McCain has closed the spread a hair – but not in critical, tipping point or battleground states.  Nate thinks the polls should show McCain gaining an average of a point a day in order for him to have a chance.

I wonder how early voting affects McCains chances as early voters lean Obama – It would seem a logical premise to think McCain has to close the gap quicker to take the edge off of an Obama early advantage, I’m wondering if McCain even matches Obama in the polls on November 4th will it be too late concedering how many went to the polls already with an Obama lean.

McCains running out of time, and his chances are thinning out as the day aproaches; 5 days to go.


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