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academic disaster

Ive had a rough time keeping up with multivariable calculus. I must say the how annoying it is to goto a lecture and not understand half of whats discussed sometimes – annoying is not it – its more like torture, its personally unbearable to approach this topic unprepared, and I wasnt able to dedicate enough time to prepare for the material covered in lectures or the exams. I will be repeating this course even if I could recover my grade before the end of the semester – I feel I’ve glossed over too much material that will be important in the rest of my course of study in mechanical engineering and in practice upon graduation.

On the upside of this mess – towards the end of this semester Ive discovered this interesting resource at the MIT’s website. MIT OpenCourse ware – where you can get a sort of second opinion of sorts or even go thru a semesters worth of lectures at your own pace and attempt to work out examples yourself before registering for the class yourself, or while youre in the class in need to hear a lecture on the material covered again, maybe a decent review tool. Although most of the courses with a full list of video lectures are introductory maybe theyll add more to thier openCourseware list as time goes on.

Multivariable Calculus Here
Or here on youtube


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