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” …All of this. All of this was for nothing – unless we go to the stars.” – Infection, Babylon 5, J. Michael Straczynski

DIRECT v3 update

UPDATE :: After Ross Tierney unvieled DIRECT 3.0 at the ISDC convention in Orlando this weekend he sat down with Dr. David Livingston and The Space Show for this interview.

 Download and listen to the MP3 here.


A preview of the ISDC2009 presentation is now available – found at the NASA space flight Exploration Alternative forums


To sumarize some of the most strongest selling points of the Jupiter DIRECT shuttle derived launch vehicle are that, 1 – it increases NASA capability to deliver crew, supplies and new exploration hardware and infrastructure into space.  2 – At a lower operating and developement cost, close to $8000/kg versus the current systems $31000 per kilogram on the STS, and it will cost more than 20 billion dolars less the develope than the current Constellation system, the Ares I and V.  And 3 – will eliminate the gap in our ability to launch and deliver crew to the ISS while maintaining the highskilled labor force at MSFC and KSC, a political requirement for any proposal of this scope.  All of this while fitting nicely into NASA current budget, who doesnt want to save 20 billion dolars?  Go watch the presentation.


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