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” …All of this. All of this was for nothing – unless we go to the stars.” – Infection, Babylon 5, J. Michael Straczynski

I should compose an excuse for my lack of updates…

But I won’t.

Just moved into our first home, actually it’s been about 1.5 months now.  Have given myself an introductory crash course in DIYness.  I suppose its time to begin filling a garage walls with an adequate tool set.  And I think twitter has forever changed my ability to express myself in the written form [/GASP did I break the 180 character barrier?! ]

I am truly astounded by the value of twitter, I honestly didn’t think i’d keep the account I started to mess around with for more than a day.  At first I found it an excellent way of setting up a specialized source of news.  Interested in space I looked for accounts that twittered on the topic – but found another benefit, a new depth of coverage on the topic.  All of the people sharing their views and experiences on a topic provides something much more valuable than a current events source, it allows a conversation with people who share your interest, with whom you quite possibly you would’ve never interacted with, without it.  In short – I’ve discovered SOCIAL NETWORK!  Eureka!

No really, seriously – personally anything  with a social element is to be dreaded and avoided at all cost.  It’s by some unexplainable discontinuity in the universes laws that I find myself in a happy marriage, with an incredible son to be thankful for.  But there maybe something to social networking I’ve been hearing so much about since I was a young pup.

Okay so I know this sound like an excuse – he’s saying its “being a first time home owners fault,” or “it’s Twitter’s fault.”  I’m not.

This has been an update of a blog nobody* reads.

*in this case, by nobody it is meant that if you take the total population of potential readers and compare that with people who’ve actually read you construct a means of taking the limit with respect to time, readership likely approaches 0.  And so can be said to be nobody.  If you are a reader please don’t be offended by the idea that you may eventually be considered part of a set, that may eventually be regarded as nothing significant or trivial  (:

Unless. Of course – we do go to the stars and all discussion of space, may in some future consideration be something, significant.  Please come again.


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  1. ian says:

    congratulations on the new house! hope you can continue writing after your introduction to twitter!

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