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” …All of this. All of this was for nothing – unless we go to the stars.” – Infection, Babylon 5, J. Michael Straczynski

I should compose an excuse for my lack of updates…

But I won’t.

Just moved into our first home, actually it’s been about 1.5 months now.  Have given myself an introductory crash course in DIYness.  I suppose its time to begin filling a garage walls with an adequate tool set.  And I think twitter has forever changed my ability to express myself in the written form [/GASP did I break the 180 character barrier?! ]

I am truly astounded by the value of twitter, I honestly didn’t think i’d keep the account I started to mess around with for more than a day.  At first I found it an excellent way of setting up a specialized source of news.  Interested in space I looked for accounts that twittered on the topic – but found another benefit, a new depth of coverage on the topic.  All of the people sharing their views and experiences on a topic provides something much more valuable than a current events source, it allows a conversation with people who share your interest, with whom you quite possibly you would’ve never interacted with, without it.  In short – I’ve discovered SOCIAL NETWORK!  Eureka!

No really, seriously – personally anything  with a social element is to be dreaded and avoided at all cost.  It’s by some unexplainable discontinuity in the universes laws that I find myself in a happy marriage, with an incredible son to be thankful for.  But there maybe something to social networking I’ve been hearing so much about since I was a young pup.

Okay so I know this sound like an excuse – he’s saying its “being a first time home owners fault,” or “it’s Twitter’s fault.”  I’m not.

This has been an update of a blog nobody* reads.

*in this case, by nobody it is meant that if you take the total population of potential readers and compare that with people who’ve actually read you construct a means of taking the limit with respect to time, readership likely approaches 0.  And so can be said to be nobody.  If you are a reader please don’t be offended by the idea that you may eventually be considered part of a set, that may eventually be regarded as nothing significant or trivial  (:

Unless. Of course – we do go to the stars and all discussion of space, may in some future consideration be something, significant.  Please come again.


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It was a friday…

My extended family, grandmah, grandpa, mywife my son Tristan and myself went to the mall after work to window shop and stop at the playground setup for kids at the foodcourt when it happend.  The end of the world.  Well, maybe not, but my son probably thought so, he learned to up the decibles and pitch of his scream by an order of magnitude.  He somehow managed to get away from us and fall onto the corner of a squared base of a lamppost, THUMP.  There was some blood at first and a whole I dont want to talk about, then later that evening – 4 stiches – just a quarter of an inch from his left eye.  I work weekends and my boss thought it was “absurd” that I spend some time with my wife and 2 yearold after this bit of trauma – fine I went to work, spent most of the time on the phone with my wife and wasnot exactly a model of the employee of the month.  Tristan and I spent the week together rather than send him to day care where some moment of briliance by somekid thier would have’em try to remove the stitches for him, even though we had him saying “dont touch eye”.  He’s had a few incidents at daycare with bumps and scratches at the end of the day so he stayed with me, it was a cool change of pace, but still, a fulltime job.  On wednesday the stiches were removed by our pediatrician at her office and revealed a decent job by the E.R. physician who put them in.  My father was right when he complemented the doctor when it was done at the hospital – I was a mute – maybe in more psychological trauma than my son at the time.

This friday I felt sick but began my work week.  It was just a little fatigue, no cough, but a sore throat and maybe a fever.  On monday Tristan went back to daycare allowing me to cram for a calculus test on polar coordinates.  Lengths and Areas of polar coordinates were on the exam – the last I heard, they weren’t going to be – oh no – now that I think about it surface areas of polar coordinates were to be excluded from the festive test, but not Lengths and plain Areas.  Even if I mis-heard, I shouldve anticipated a math profesor would change his mind about the little bit of calculus in the chapter would be on the calculus exam.   The other questions were gimme’s from precalculus, problem was the way the exam was setup.  11 questions, 3 mandatory, and we were supposed pick 1 out of the 8 remaining as a “regular” test question & pick another of the remaining 7 as a “bonus” questions.  2 of the 3 mandatory questions were – yes you guessed it on lengths of polar line segments and areas confined between 2 polar curves I still remember them r = 5 & r = 5(1 + cosΘ).  Which now that I’ve had a chance to look at the last section of the chapter – doesn’t look like rocket science.  

 And if I had studied – the way the exam was setup wouldve made geting an A easy.

Its too bad that instead of craming on the one day I had left I was still sick and needed sleep more than I needed to strain my brain.  The test was a complete disaster, I completely destroyed it based on the professors instructions.  And it was kinda my own fault for not anticipating that the only calculus of the chapter on polar coordinates would be on the calculus exam.  I shouldve started from the last section of the chapter and studyied backwards since the stuff in the begining was pretty familiar from pre-cal.

The probabability of me getting an A in this class is not good.  I’m going to have to get an A on the last test and close to it on the final to get close.

On another angle my son was the first to notice the moon last night.  He pointed it out and said “MOOON!” He did this at about 5pm when the sky was still light blue, I mused it was a good telescope night.  Later we stepped outside of a chinese food place on coral way to look up and southwest and it turns out the moon wasnt alone.  It was a beautifully crystal clear night too.  I postulated they were 2 planets next to the moon, but watered it down for my boy and pointed at the 2 “stars” which he understood and did the twinkle-twinkle with his hand. 

Turns out if you were looking at this constellation from austrailia it wouldve been a frown upside-down Monday nights COUNTDOWN with Keith Oberman had good pictures and mentioned the next time we’ll see this formation will be in 2050something.

I thank my son for pointing all of this out first though 🙂

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